About Us

Grand Prince Odeum, LLC was established in the Summer 0f 2020. With a vision for the Art Deco Era, Rhonda Pope Flores, began looking for a place to call home. It took one visit to 201 Main Street in Winters, CA to realize that a home was found. The building was a church with a rich cultural and social history. It would be perfect! By December 0f 2020 the deal was sealed, and 201 Main Street became home to Grand Prince Odeum LLC. From the moment of purchase a massive clean up and restoration project began. The project timeline was complete by June of 2021 and ready for beautiful memories to be made.

Embracing Spirituality Culture Community

Grand Prince Odeum is a beautifully themed art deco Church venue with a rich cultural history. Enjoy a holiday celebration or a spiritual gathering on sundays. Choose your occasion.

Our Services

Grand Prince Odeum has a Theatre on the main floor with 68 seats on main floor and 90 seats on the mezzanine level. The beautiful lobby leads into the theatre area with round historic bench seating. There is an ADA ramp with a wheelchair lift that leads to main floor and bottom level. There is one family restroom on main floor.